Our Story

The first design of this pan was created in 1965 by a steel salesman, named Archibald, to help his candy-making wife, Adele, get a consistent size for toffee. It required 2 people to use the knife and made extra large batches! Every year at Christmas time, Adele would make hundreds of chocolates that Archibald would gift to his best customers. It was rumored that some kept buying from him just so that they would keep getting Adele's delicious homemade chocolates.


The Future of Candy Making is Here!


The Candy Pan Today

Today's Candy Pan has had a few adjustments to make it smaller and easier for one person to operate. It can handle both high and low temperatures in the oven and freezer respectively. Each Candy Pan comes with a divider and cutter to enable you to make just what you need. The square design of the pan allows for up to 144 pieces of whatever you are making.

Buy your Candy Pan Today!

The Candy Pan will take your candy and chocolate making to the next level with easy to use tools, and perfectly precise cuts and design.

Note: Deluxe set includes Divider and Multi-Tool add-ons.